We are a group of Young Scientists from across Canada with a shared interest in Pharmaceutical Sciences. We are trainee members of CSPS, Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences. Through our network we aim to enhance our education and prepare each other for post graduate careers. As a group our goal is to expand the footprint of pharmaceutical sciences in both the industry and academic sectors in Canada. The network began during the CSPS Symposium in Toronto 2018 and continues to provide opportunities to trainees across Canada.


In 2022 we set out to build the Young Scientist Network by developing an event planning committee and hosting a monthly event to engage students across the country. Following a global pandemic that brought isolation to many and highlighted the importance of the pharmaceutical industry we also set out to host in person tours across Canada of Pharmaceutical Facilities. Membership is free! Click on the image below and submit your contact information to receive event notifications.

If you have ideas for a YSN activity or have any questions, please send an email to ysn.csps@gmail.com or contact Jack Bufton jack.bufton@mail.utoronto.ca or Marie-Lynn Al-Hawat  at marie-lynn.al-hawat@umontreal.ca