CSPS would like to thank all the board members for the time and dedication they have given to the Society – their contributions have enabled the organization to continue to thrive. and move forward in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

We are truly grateful to outgoing members Dr. Lesia Babiak and Dr. Ildiko Badea and thank them both for volunteering their time and sharing their expertise these past years. Dr. Badea will continue to be active in CSPS as part of the CSPS 2023 Annual Symposium Organizing Committee and we value all her hard work and support.

For 2023, we extend a warm welcome to Dr. Emmanuel Ho and Dr. Afsaneh Lavasanifar as new members to the Board of Directors and to our new President-Elect Dr. Amyn Sayani.  We are pleased to have these individuals join the board and bring their invaluable insights, talents and knowledge to the Society.

The 2023 CSPS Board of Directors includes:

Neal Davies – President
Christine Allen – Past President
Amyn Sayani – President Elect
Fakhreddin (Mo) Jamali – Executive Appointee
Michael Doschak – Treasurer
Risini Weeratna – Secretary
Fakhreddin (Mo) Jamali – Executive Appointee
Ron Boch
Jack Bufton – Trainee Representative
Abby Collier
Emmanuel Ho
Kayla Kitselman
Catherine Lau
Afsaneh Lavasanifar
Co Pham

Looking forward to 2023!

Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences (CSPS)